Image credit: ATYP and Tracey Schramm

Image credit: ATYP and Tracey Schramm

You brought insightful perspective, rigour and focus to the evaluation and always showed a preparedness to work alongside the team to get the intent and nuance of the findings articulated.  We appreciated your approach, genuine interest and commitment to seeing it through.
— Karilyn Brown, CEO

Engaging with Indigenous communities: what works?

Evaluating the Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator pilot for Performing Lines

Karilyn Brown, CEO of Performing Lines, wanted to evaluate a pilot of a new Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator position, designed to help touring theatre productions connect with local Indigenous communities. She wanted a framework to guide data collection, so they could measure their impact at the end of the project.

We worked collaboratively with the Coordinator Denise Wilson to gather feedback from regional communities and presenters across Australia.

After workshopping the results, we developed a case study to share the outcomes and lessons from the pilot.

The results showed that a relatively small investment in a Coordination role can have a major impact.

Performing Lines secured support for two subsequent phases of work, and was invited to present this work at the Australian Performing Arts Centres Association conference.

To read more about the 3-year evaluation process, and the ideas behind it, check out this interview with CEO Karilyn Brown and Producer Narelle Lewis. You can also browse the Phase Two report below.