If you want to reach new people, develop audiences and deepen engagement, research is your secret weapon.

This research has us changing our thinking about the way we articulate what we do as a company.
— Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director ATYP
You brought insightful perspective, rigour and focus to the evaluation and always showed a preparedness to work alongside the team to get the intent and nuance of the findings articulated.
— Karilyn Brown, CEO, Performing Lines

Benefits of research:

  • Understand your reach

  • Measure attendance behaviour

  • Develop attendee profiles & segments

  • Identify motivations and barriers

  • Prioritise marketing & engagement activity

  • Test opportunities to expand & evolve.

Who is it right for?

  • Organisations that are looking to significantly grow their audiences or reach new people

  • Program Directors and Managers preparing to launch new events, programs or venues

  • Marketing Managers looking to improve their marketing effectiveness or drive new campaigns.

What’s involved?

  1. Planning and desktop research to review the literature and analyse your existing datasets

  2. Co-design process to map out key audience segments, your goals, and design the research framework in collaboration with key staff and stakeholders

  3. Fieldwork to collect new data, through methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, street intercepts and online forums

  4. Analysis and reporting of all available data, workshopping the findings and presentation of the results in a high quality publication.

What you’ll get:

  • 90 minute workshop to dive deep into the findings

  • 20-slide PPT presentation of key findings

  • 40-page report for internal use

  • 1 page infographic capturing key findings

  • Set of personas to share across the organisation

  • Dashboard to help track progress on key metrics.

Other features

  • Co-design the method with your colleagues and stakeholders

  • Unearth insights needed to achieve a step-change in audience engagement

  • Skill up your team in Audience Research methods as a part of the project

  • Design tools to build on the data over time and track progress towards your goals

Ready to take the first step?

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