When anecdotal evidence is just not good enough, it’s time to invest in an impact study.

This research has us changing our thinking about the way we articulate what we do as a company.
— Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director ATYP
You brought insightful perspective, rigour and focus to the evaluation and always showed a preparedness to work alongside the team to get the intent and nuance of the findings articulated.
— Karilyn Brown, CEO, Performing Lines

If you’re aiming to have an impact in the world, then evaluation is one of the most important tools you have as a leader.

We provide evaluation services to help you get an independent perspective on your work, and build a strong evidence base that you can use in your marketing, fundraising and investment decisions. It’s like a secret sauce for amplifying impact.

Benefits of evaluation:

  • Gather powerful stories of impact from your audience, users and stakeholders

  • Understand what’s working well & what isn’t

  • Identify what to ‘keep, tweak and ‘tackle’ in future

  • Demonstrate what has been achieved to date

  • Prioritise opportunities to expand & evolve.

Who is it right for?

  • Promising programs that are delivering exciting benefits, but lack robust evidence of impact

  • Program Directors and Managers ready to become thought leaders and share knowledge nationally and internationally

  • Initiatives with lapsing funding, when it’s time to take stock of what’s been achieved, and explore what’s needed next.

What’s involved?

  1. Planning and desktop research to review the literature and analyse your existing datasets

  2. Co-design process to map out a theory of change or program logic, and design the evaluation framework in collaboration with key staff and stakeholders

  3. Fieldwork to collect new data from your stakeholders and participants, including interviews and a database survey

  4. Analysis and reporting of all available data, workshopping the findings and presentation of the results in a high quality publication.

What you’ll get:

  • 1-page theory of change model

  • 20-page PPT presentation

  • 30-page report for external publication

  • 1 page infographic

  • 5-page operational report for internal use.

Other features

  • Co-design the method with your stakeholders

  • Position in relation to the literature and current ‘best practice’

  • Skill up your team in Evaluation Foundations as a part of the project

  • Co-author the report with our research team.

Ready to take the first step?

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