Find out how evidence can help you reach more people, secure funding and deliver even more impact.

From Covent Garden to Colac, our team has decades of experience managing research projects and arming leaders with insights.

We’ve seen how some organisations grow and prosper, even in challenging times.

They do it by becoming insightful institutions. And you can too, with our Projects, Professional Development Program and Partnerships.


Who is this for?

  • Ambitious organisations and promising programs ready to take their work to the next level.

  • Program Directors and Managers ready to become thought leaders and share knowledge nationally and internationally

  • Initiatives at a key turning point: when it’s time to take stock of what’s been achieved, or explore what’s needed next.


Professional development program

Bring us in-house for:

  • Short talks to help you stay up to speed with the latest statistical trends

  • Training to get you skilled up in research, evaluation and data analysis

Tandi is really outcome oriented in her work and always looking to find the connections between projects and organisations. Her work is very thoughtful and she is great at identifying key insights and posing the hard questions in the most diplomatic way.

Tandi is totally reliable and has always delivered on time and within budget.
— Bridget Jones, Research Manager, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Ready to take the first step?

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This research has us changing our thinking about the way we articulate what we do as a company.
— Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director ATYP


We work on a consultancy basis to deliver:

  • Impact Evaluation to explore the big questions and demonstrate the impact of your work

  • Audience Research to inform your marketing & craft audience development plans

  • Bespoke projects to build a nuanced understand of complex topics.



To make sure it sticks:

  • Subscribe to Culture Insight and Innovation Update to stay in the loop with the latest research

  • Partner with us to transform your organisation with research studies, skills and systems over a three-year period.


Get access to:

  • Experts in co-design processes

  • Pathways to academic research & Linkage Projects

  • Trained in finance, economics, market research and sociology

  • Advisors to government and cultural leaders

  • AMSRS & QPR accredited.

The project was, simply put, a game changer for the company. The insights delivered, the nuance and strategic thinking in its findings, they set the company on a reinvigorated course for its future.
— Amy Maiden, General Manager, ATYP