Find out how evidence can help you reach more people, secure funding and deliver even more impact.

If you want to grow what you’re doing, building an evidence base is the key to getting ahead.

From the world’s largest cultural institutions, to small creative start-ups, we’ve seen how some organisations grow and prosper, even in challenging times. They do it by harnessing data to become insightful institutions.

Now, we’re here to help you activate the power of insight to change the world. We have three offerings: Projects, Professional Development and Partnerships. We also offer regular Data Strategy Sessions to help you orient yourself and plan your best move.



We work on a consultancy basis to deliver:

  • Impact Evaluation to gather insights and demonstrate the impact of your work

  • Audience Research to inform your marketing & craft audience development plans

  • Bespoke projects to build a nuanced understanding of complex topics.

We often start out by designing a research framework, to help you structure the best possible approach and scope out the right project.


Professional development program

Our professional development programs includes:

  • Short talks to help you stay up to speed with the latest statistical trends

  • Training to get you skilled up in research, evaluation and data analysis.

Get in touch to discuss hosting us. We adapt all our sessions to suit your specific circumstances.



By partnering with us over 3-4 years, you can transform your organisation with the right processes, skills and insights.

We design the right mix of new research, training and systems design to help you tick all the boxes.

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