Our approach


Technical skills + arts know-how

We're trained in research, economics and finance, so you don't have to worry about choosing the right consultant. We're also writers, facilitators and designers adept at collaborating, and building your capacity while we work. 


Nimble + networked

We have a small core team and a network of trusted freelance associates and collaborators. You’ll find us at Hub Hyde Park for meetings, working at our home offices when writing, and travelling regularly around the country for fieldwork and speaking engagements. This approach helps us to keep our overheads down, and our rates low; while offering specialist skills to add value at key points. 


User-driven + method agnostic

We are method-agnostic and independent. This means that we are not tied to using one method or one tool to deliver insights. It also means we are always guided by your goals, challenges and considerations. For every arts and culture client, we handpick the best methods and techniques unique to the project. 


On trend +

We stay up to date with the changes you need to know about, and give you the lowdown without the technical talk. We attend the methodology conferences and pay the membership fees. We know what ‘best practice’ looks like and how things work in reality. 


Dedicated to culture + good causes

We get it. We share your passion for cultural expression, vibrant neighbourhoods and meaningful creative experiences. Most importantly, we know how to do research and analysis in an engaging way to capture creative minds and respect the creative process.