This is why we do what we do.

The project was, simply put, a game changer for the company. The insights delivered, the nuance and strategic thinking in its findings, they set the company on a reinvigorated course for its future.
— Amy Maiden, General Manager, ATYP
You brought insightful perspective, rigour and focus to the evaluation and always showed a preparedness to work alongside the team to get the intent and nuance of the findings articulated.
— Karilyn Brown, CEO of Performing Lines
THANK YOU for your exceptional hard work on this. It’s great, everything we asked for. Tight, concise and clean, provocative, helpful and evidenced. We are delighted!
— Jo Verrent, Senior Producer for the Unlimited Commissions Programme
I’ve had requests from many asking for me to share the report with them. It’s so useful and easy to read.
— Isabelle Kingsley, Program Producer, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Tandi is a delight to work with, because she is really outcome oriented in her work. She is great at identifying key insights and posing the hard questions in the most diplomatic way.
— Bridget Jones, Research and Analysis Manager, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
This research has us changing our thinking about the way we articulate what we do as a company.
— Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director ATYP
Tandi brings savvy insight into the workings of arts and culture research, and contributes ideas from new angles and with a fresh perspective. Partnering with her helped to deepen my thinking - it was challenging and enriching.
— Morwenna Collett, Arts & Disability Expert
It was fantastic to have Patternmakers come and us all work together, instead of just telling us what to do.

It was inclusive in that you brought our skillset and influence into the space and made sense of it all.
— Venue Manager, Regional Performing Arts Centre
This was an ambitious project and without a partner of your standard and commitment I don’t think we would have made it. Sending you sincere thanks and appreciation for your work.   
— Linda Fleet Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications Creative Victoria
The students are stimulated and excited by your content - and if frequently triggers a research topic or extends their research focus.
— Angharad Wynne-Jones, Leader of the NIDA Masters of Fine Arts in Cultural Leadership
The four years of research were extremely well received in each of the participating countries, allowed us to confirm ongoing funding for each year of the project and also to measure and refine each years program content - a highly satisfying outcome.
— Fenn Gordon, Senior Producer, Performing Lines