Why we’re here


We believe in the power of insight to help good causes change the world.

Data is hailed as ‘the new oil’, but applying it in cultural, creative and community contexts is not straightforward. Resources are tight, time is limited and 110% of your energy goes into your creative work.

At Patternmakers, we know what data related activities work, and which ones are a waste of time. We’re here to support you to become more insightful, so you can reach more people, secure funding and deliver even more impact in the world.

The team at Patternmakers is trained in finance, economics, market research and sociology - but we speak your language! Our gift is making research engaging and useful, and cutting the technical talk and the jargon.

Our five-part framework for harnessing the power of insight is called the five ‘I’s: Information, Innovation, Impact, Influence and Investment. It’s helped organisations like the Museum of Contemporary Art and Australian Theatre for Young People to get an edge in their marketing, fundraising and business cases, so their work can flourish.

Our Founder


Patternmakers was founded by research consultant Tandi Palmer Williams, who saw an opportunity to help cultural and community organisations do even more good in the world.

Originally trained in economics and finance, Tandi has a knack for turning data into gold. She’s built a track record of delivering on complex briefs, turning technical mountains into manageable molehills and helping teams be informed and inspired by evidence.

Having worked with creative organisations of all different shapes and sizes, from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to government agencies, community theatre-makers and creative startups, she has learned how to make research engaging, meaningful and creative. 

Now leader of a team of four, she is dedicated to delivering research to strengthen purpose-driven organisations - and people just like you.