How should questions for FAQs be formatted?

All the questions should be numbered, bolded and listed at the top of the page. All the answers should be listed underneath, with the question repeated and also in bold. Each question at the top of the page should link to the corresponding question/ answer beneath it. There should also be a return to the top arrow after each question, aligned to the right of the page. If there are a lot of FAQs - more than 20, for example - it's a good idea to divide them into subcategories. As the name implies, FAQs should be written as proper questions, not statements.

Where can I find a good example of an FAQ?

Have a look at the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the Non-Governmental Public Action section.


It is LSE web style to title a page of FAQs 'Frequently asked questions (FAQs)'. While the abbreviation is in quite common usage this ensures that there can be no mistaking what they are.