Catherine Davis

Senior Research Analyst


Catherine is a social scientist with a passion for the arts. She has particular expertise in mixed methods design as well as academic and community sector research experience. 

Her PhD in sociology equipped her with high level problem solving and project management skills, and a strong grounding in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. In order to understand the role that social media play in the lives of new migrants, for her thesis she performed a large scale content analysis of online migrant communities and in-depth interviews with their members. 

Previously she has worked as a Research Officer for a not-for-profit organisation which helps the frail aged and younger people with disabilities access amenities and participate in community life. 

During this time she carried out various research projects aimed at evaluating customer needs, well-being and satisfaction, and the overall social impact of community transport on older Australians. 

Catherine is fluent in Italian and has lived in Rome and Florence. When she isn’t researching, she loves to spend her time learning new languages, going to the theatre, visiting art galleries and watching foreign films. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with first-class honours and a PhD from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.