Penny Cannan

Business Administrator


Penny has a background in Art and Design, Communications, Brand Identity and Project Management. 

Having previously worked in events and communications for a research institution, Penny understands the importance of collaboration and bringing people together to spark ideas that motivate action.

She is happiest when in constant motion, being across a range of topics and bringing structure to the wild abandon of the creative process.  

Having been an architect in a previous life, Penny has a keen eye for detail and a proven ability to plan and manage large programs and projects. She is a Jack-of-all-trades and the stitching in the seams of Patternmakers, working in the background while Tandi and Brooke hit the road to make creative data magic happen. 

Penny spends her spare time juggling two cheeky kid-shaped monkeys, dipping her toes in the water along Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and dreaming up compositions for her next canvas series. 

She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of NSW, she completed AWARD School (Australian Writers and Art Directors) with The Communications Council in 2013, and she holds an ASIC RG146 Diploma (Derivatives Advisor).