This winter we have hosted our first intern, Bianca Mulet. Bianca is a talented UTS student studying a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a major in Social Inquiry (Social and political sciences). As part of her internship with us she is undertaking a research project into the role of evaluation in the arts and culture sector. 

Her project involves a series of interviews with arts sector leaders, policy makers and researchers. She'll be publishing the results on this website before the end of 2018 (sign up to the newsletter below to make sure you hear about the findings).

The project

Bianca aims to investigate to what extent evaluation is impacting the arts and culture sector, and how it can strengthen the work of an arts organisation. 

Her research will also provide an evaluation of Patternmakers’ work with past clients like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Theatre for Young People and the Australia Council for the Arts.


Data is now regarded as this century’s driving commodity, generating enormous shifts in science, business, economics, media and politics. While data and technological advancements have made us fluent in online shopping, social networking and entertainment, Bianca's interest lies in how data is reshaping the way we access, interact with and make meaning out of art and culture.


The primary research method Bianca will employ is one-on-one interviews with arts leaders, researchers and policy makers.

Bianca is exploring the following questions in her interviews:

  • What is the impact of engaging in research, data analysis and evaluation?

  • How has Patternmakers’ process of research and evaluation aided in meeting the outcomes of creative projects?

  • What social, cultural or political issues have arisen from the gathering, interpreting and recording of data? How does this have the potential to inform policy making?

Background research on the topic will inform the interview questions and provide the groundwork for eventual thematic analysis. Bianca will gather secondary data from news outlets, industry publications, blogs and academic dissertations to broaden my understanding of the issue through economic, political, social and/or cultural frameworks. 

Stay tuned

We're excited to be hosting Bianca and supporting her research on this important topic. We look forward to sharing the results of Bianca's research project once complete.


About the Author

Penny Cannan
Communications and Business Administrator

Penny has a background in Art and Design, Communications, Brand Identity and Project Management.