What is the impact of BlakDance, and what should it prioritise in 2020 and beyond?

Patternmakers is working with BlakDance to seek feedback on its work, and gather input from stakeholders to inform its new strategic plan.

We’ve recently launched an impact survey to gather feedback from BlakDance stakeholders.

The aim is to build an evidence base that both BlakDance, and the First Nations dance sector, can rely on for planning and advocacy work now and into the future.

Take the survey now!

In the survey, stakeholders will be asked questions about their past activities and experiences with BlakDance and the assistance they’ve received. They will also be invited to share their ideas for the future of BlakDance.

Why is this important?

This survey is part of a larger project aiming to catch and keep stories about First Nations Dance over the next three years.

Since the National Indigenous Dance Forum in 2017, BlakDance have been working with arts evaluation specialists Patternmakers on more effective and proactive ways to gather feedback from stakeholders.

The organisation has collaborated on development of a ‘program logic’ and an evaluation framework to help streamline what data is collected, from whom, how often.

Why a survey?

Patternmakers has been conducting a range of interviews and workshops with BlakDance and key stakeholders. These have been informative and helped the evaluators to build a picture of the organisation’s work.

The time is now right for a survey to help to measure and prioritise stakeholder views. Although surveys don’t work for everyone, many stakeholders are already accustomed to completing surveys about other issues, and so BlakDance will test the use of surveys with its stakeholders this year.

Tandi Palmer Williams, Managing Director at Patternmakers says, ‘Instead of sending surveys after every event and interaction, we have agreed to survey stakeholders once in 2019. This data can be used for multiple purposes, including to inform the development of a new strategic plan for the organisation’.

Merindah Donnelly says, ‘At BlakDance, remaining humble is core to our business and we value input to keep us accountable to our communities and sector.’

Image credit: BlakDance


About the Author

Dr Catherine Davis
Senior Research Analyst

Catherine has a passion for data storytelling and the arts. She has particular expertise in mixed methods research design as well as community sector research experience.