A new month brings a fresh face to Patternmakers - meet Nicole Pierre! Join us as we take a few moments to go beyond the bio and get to know our team's newest addition.

What is your role at Patternmakers?  

I’m the Digital Content Coordinator at Patternmakers so I get to organise all the communications across our digital platforms.

What does the average day look like?

I love all things social media, content creation and marketing, which is exciting because it encompasses everything I do at Patternmakers. My work is both varied and fun. One minute I could be creating content for our monthly newsletter and writing a blog about the ‘3 Creatives bringing data to life’, all the way to sourcing data art images and writing copy on our social media feeds. 

What do you love about your job?

Despite being a relatively new member on the Patternmakers team, I love the fact that I am creating communications for a brand’s message that I am really passionate about. That is mobilising and supporting the Australian creative arts industry through research and data.

What is your favourite type of cultural experience and why?

It’s hard to say just one so I’m going to give you my top two. Firstly, I really enjoy attending art exhibitions. The latest one I went to was ‘Adman: Warhol before pop’, which was interesting to see a completely different body of work to Warhol’s signature pop art pieces dealing with consumerism and mass production.

As a self confessed cinéphile, I also adore going to foreign film festivals. Last year, I went to the Latin American film festival and the Italian film festival. Most recently, I volunteered at the Alliance Française film festival. If you attended, you may have seen me give a short French presentation on Ladies night at the screening of La Danseuse by Stéphanie Di Giusto.

What do you do outside of Patternmakers?

Currently, I am studying a Master of Journalism at UTS. Pursuing a career in the media and communications sector has been something that interested me for a long time. I am a curious individual who loves talking to people and storytelling so it was a no-brainer for me to pursue my studies in Journalism. I actually just submitted a blog post on the ‘Regulation of fake news in the digital age’ – if you’d like to give it a read. 

What is your greatest personal achievement?

Something I am really proud of is learning a second language. The secondary school education system in Australia doesn’t put much of a demand on learning a second language, which I see as a real shame. When I commenced my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled in French classes and did a study abroad in Lyon, France. My experience abroad was truly eye opening – immersing me to a whole other culture, which I always appreciated through art, films, and music.

I later returned to Australia, continued learning French and took a leap of faith when journeying back to France in 2015-2016. The second time, I lived and worked in a small coastal village in Brittany with the goal of improving my French.

I remember when I had a few days in Paris towards the end of my trip before heading back to Sydney. At the hotel, the receptionist was assisting an American just before me, in perfectly fluent English. When it was my turn, I jumped straight into French without hesitation. He was both shocked and impressed, and we continued conversing before he handed me the keys to my room. It was at that moment, that I realised how far I’d come.


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Tandi Williams
Managing Director

Patternmakers’ Founder and Managing Director Tandi Williams is an experienced consultant and arts and culture research specialist.