We are very excited to announce the latest member to the Patternmakers family – meet Jodie. Join us as we take a few moments to go beyond the bio and chat with our new administrator, Jodie.

What is your role at Patternmakers?

As someone who’s worked most of her professional life in business operations and events management for large corporations, I was delighted to get involved in a small business, which has a wider purpose. As the administrator, I believe I am making a genuine impact through providing operational support to Tandi and the team – making sure all our projects are running smoothly.

What does your average day look like?

As the newest member of the Patternmakers team I must admit that I have been busy researching, learning and asking questions! For now, we are focused on business process improvement – reviewing, developing and ensuring we have sound operational procedures that support both internal and client projects.

What do you love about your job?

I love working with such a passionate and talented team, who are committed to the role we play in supporting the arts and cultural scene. It is exciting working with a cohesive team, where ideas are put into action. I love the potential reach of Patternmakers to inform and inspire our clients with the vast possibilities of data.

What’s more – Patternmakers flexible work policy allows me to work from home and balance my work and family time. It’s wonderful seeing how progressive the company is as flexible careers are surely the future of work.

What do you do outside of Patternmakers?

I head to the coast! Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches means I am never far from the ocean and the sea breeze, which I love. I spend most of my time with my young family. With little ones, it’s all about scooting and cycling, feeding ducks, and constant adventures!

What is your favourite type of cultural experience and why?

I’ll have to say theatre, dance and music. I love the excitement of attending a performance, and that tingling feeling one gets from being swept away in the story.

What are some of your non-work-related goals for 2017?

I would like to have more time for yoga, walking or cycling around our local lake, and learning French, to keep up with my kids!

What is your greatest personal achievement or something you feel truly proud of?

We have recently had two years living in Montreal Canada, which is the hometown of my husband.  We moved there when our daughter was three and our son was just ten months old. I have been lucky to have travelled and lived in a few countries but it was quite a different experience moving a young family.  It was an exciting adventure yet incredibly challenging a times (especially in the Winter months with -30 degrees wind chill!)

While living in Canada, I travelled to the Rocky Mountains, which is one of my favourite places in the world. Seeing the mountains changing beauty in all different lights and shades was awe-inspiring. It’s almost an artwork in it’s own right.


About the Author

Tandi Williams
Managing Director

Patternmakers’ Founder and Managing Director Tandi Williams is an experienced consultant and arts and culture research specialist.